$12 per site (up to 4 people)

$4 per additional person per night

Also, you can rent a tent! If you don't have one or don't feel like setting one up, we will do it for you for an extra $8. That's only $20 a night per site with a tent!

Bring your family, youth group, or a group of friends for a day of adventure, a night or weekend of primitive camping, and even take in a summer evening show at the most famous outdoor drama in the Eastern United States: Tecumseh! Allow yourselves to escape on an Ohio mini-vacation where the scenes and sounds of nature will give you that relaxation you have needed and deserve. There are stretches of long, easygoing pools, shallow riffles, rocks, and plenty of fishing opportunities for the anglers who want to wet their lines. Take a break from your trip, enjoy some family fun and have a nice picnic on the island...or cool your feet in the water as you drift along the creek. You may even see a bald eagle soaring above!


Do not go off of any rope swings they are dangerous, and they do not belong to Waters Edge Canoe livery, nor do we have any affiliation with them.